Danish Supply Corporation

Twenty-four hour service

Danish Supply Corporation's branches are always bustling with activity. Our telephones are serviced 24 hours a day so that ships and offshore customers can get provisions whenever they need them.

Speedy delivery

Speedy delivery is ensured by the company's 8,500 square metres of storage facilities. Add to that 1,500 cubic metres of cold storage. In total, our storage facilities comprise about 7,000 different products, covering anything within ship's provisions.


Ship's provisions cover a wide spectrum of goods, from foods to fishing boats and freight ships to large quantities of exotic foods to cruise and passenger ships to roping and spare parts for any type of ship.
One of our essential services to shipping lines is to fully supply a ship within very short time. The customer informs us of the ship's stock situation, and based on this information and any special requests from the customer Danish Supply Corporation puts together a 3 to 6 months supply of ship's provisions.

On time

Orders are handled as swiftly as possible. Provisions ordered on weekdays are delivered on the same day or the following day at the latest. Based in Scandinavia, Danish Supply Corporation supplies provisions to the big Scandinavian shipping companies and to some of the major shipping lines in Europe. Logistics are an important part of our business: we use our own lorries and ships and supplement with aeroplanes and helicopters when needed.