Danish Supply Corporation


Danish Supply Corporation's branches are always bustling with activity. We answer your calls around the clock. Our 24-hour service telephones can be reached by the following telephone numbers:


Jens Lysholdts Eftf. A/S, Esbjerg +45 75 12 10 22
Schierbeck Supply Service A/S, Copenhagen  +45 39 29 55 55

Sophus E. Johnsen, Aarhus

+45 86 12 26 66
Harald Christiansen, Skagen  +45 98 44 13 33


Well-stocked ship's chandlers

Danish Supply Corporation is one of Denmark's leading suppliers of ship's provisions. We dispose of 8,500 square metres of storage facilities and various cold storage facilities. This ensures lightening quick delivery of the goods. No order is too big or too small. And all orders are handled with accuracy and care.